18+ Lessons From 18 Years On Earth

What I’ve learned from eighteen trips around the Sun. 🛸

Adara Hagman
16 min readFeb 1, 2021
Toddler — Teenager

I’ve traveled around the Sun eighteen times on a floating blue rock — Earth.

When I turned eighteen last week, I started to reflect on the biggest learnings I’ve collected during my time on this planet.

I tried to choose my top 18, but there were so many knowledge nuggets I wanted to document + share that I ended up with 23.

Here are 18+ lessons I’ve learned from my 18 trips around the Sun:

1. Take ownership of your life. You are in control.

Our life is in our control once we decide to take ownership of it.

We have the power to control what we think about, where we focus our energy, what/who we surround ourselves with…

We can control many internal factors and influence external ones.

I’ve learned the importance of focusing on what is in my control. Anything I don’t have control over, I can choose how I react to it.

If a situation isn’t going well (e.g., a group project), I can take ownership of it and figure out what I can do to change the trajectory of it.