39 Things Not To Do

The “Not-To-Do” list, Charlie Munger, and bad decisions to avoid.

I love To-Do lists.

My to-do list today. I apologize that my handwriting is a bit messy. 😅


To-Do Lists help us spend our time in the best way.

Avoiding bad decisions is as important as making good ones.

Meet Charlie Munger:

Credit: CNBC

Charlie’s prescription for a miserable life.

His list is as follows:

😈My “Not-To-Do” list.

Background photo credit: Unsplash — Jonathon Borba

Here’s my list of things to avoid, if something resonates with you — add it to your list 😉.

Mindsets & Relationships:

🧠Negative self-talk. Telling yourself “I can’t do this.”

😡Lie or inflate the truth.

🥺Give up when things get hard.

😭Not stick to your core values.

✔Say yes to everything.

🔒Share anyone’s personal secrets with anyone without there permission. Talk behind anyone’s back.

📖Judge a book by its cover.

🤠Try and fit in. Not be your authentic self.

🦈Not do something because you’re scared.

⛰Grow complacent.

🙉Care a lot about what people think about you.

👿Hold grudges.

👑Try and be perfect all the time.

🤯Overthink and live in the past a lot.

🐢Blame other people for your problems. Not owning up to things.

🦋Take out your problems on other people.

🌇Have regrets.

🙈Have a fixed mindset. Not be open-minded. Not want to grow.

🌪Confuse deserving something with wanting something.

😝Take yourself too seriously.

🌄Allow someone else to define what success means to you.

🌞Apologize for being happy.

🦁Not stand up for yourself.

😶Be a bystander.


🥂Drink alcohol or do drugs.

💊Not take your pills or not carry your EpiPen.

🔗Suppress your negative feelings — creating shackles for yourself.

☁Not ask for help when you need it.

😴Not sleep for more than 36 hours. You did it for 48 once and went kinda crazy.

☕Drink caffeine.

🧁Eat high-carb, sugary, or processed foods.

🥛Drink milk.


📃Not read through contracts.

👎🏼Think your idea is stupid.

🗣Not communicate.

📧Not open emails for more than 3 days. — Unless on vacay, then figure it out.

✖Plagiarize or not credit other’s work.

🐵Let the instant gratification monkey take over. Leave things to the last minute.

⭐Commit to something you know you won’t be able to do. Not keep your word.

🛠 Making your “not-to-do” list.


Make good decisions but most importantly avoid bad ones.

18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

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