39 Things Not To Do

The “Not-To-Do” list, Charlie Munger, and bad decisions to avoid.

Adara Hagman
15 min readMay 22, 2020


I love To-Do lists.

They help me stay organized and brain dump everything I need to do.

Also, it’s super satisfying to check off items once they’re completed. 😊

My to-do list today. I apologize that my handwriting is a bit messy. 😅

If you don’t already keep a to-do list, I would highly recommend it.


✅ They help make sure you get done what you need to.

🌞Help to relieve stress and leave your mind feeling clearer.

🎁You get to cross out or check the boxes of your tasks!

Several other reasons, but trust me they’re helpful.

I recommend making to-do lists digitally on Trello or in a notebook.

To-Do Lists help us spend our time in the best way.

Having to-do lists gives us the ability to spend our time making decisions that make the most sense for ourselves and our goals.

Put simply they help us make “good” decisions.

But what if we had a list of “bad” decisions. A list that in order to accomplish, you have to NOT do anything on it.

Avoiding bad decisions is as important as making good ones.

Recently, I was introduced to a new kind of list. A list of “bad” decisions.

It’s called a “Not-To-Do” list. And if you didn’t already realize it’s a list of things not to do.

Literally the opposite of a to-do list but equally important.

One of my mentors once wrote:

“Avoiding bad decisions is equally (if not more) important than making good ones.” — Navid Nathoo

This makes a lot of sense and if it doesn’t to you from first glance I’ll break it down a little.

You could be making only good decisions or the “right” decisions for the life you want to create, putting you on a trajectory to get there.

However, making one bad decision after all that time and effort, could set you completely off course and on a trajectory that…



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