9 Highlights From 19 Years On Earth

Reflections on my nineteenth trip around the Sun. 🛸

Adara Hagman
12 min readJan 25, 2022

I’ve traveled around the Sun nineteen times on Spaceship Earth.

This time last year, I wrote 18+ Lessons From 18 Years On Earth — a reflection on my eighteenth trip around the Sun.

When reflecting on life lately, there were several themes and highlights that kept popping up.

Endings: of my time in TKS, Watson Institute, and high school.

Beginnings: of many relationships and my journey into the future of fashion-verse.

I realized that after May, I dropped-the-ball on my monthly updates.

This year’s reflection also acts as an annual update on where I have been focusing my energy.

Here are 9 highlights from my 19th trip around the Sun:

1. Developing a stronger connection to waterways @ Ocean Wise.

I used to think that because I don’t live near the ocean, there isn’t much I can do to help with marine conservation unless I moved closer to one.

My experience with Ocean Wise taught me that marine conservation is far more than direct ocean action.