What I’ve learned from eighteen trips around the Sun. 🛸

Toddler — Teenager

1. Take ownership of your life. You are in control.

A 17 y/o’s views on Nietzsche’s philosophy.

An Introduction To Bugriculture 🦗

Credit: Fast Company

What will your dinner plate look like in 2040?

The “Not-To-Do” list, Charlie Munger, and bad decisions to avoid.

I love To-Do lists.

My to-do list today. I apologize that my handwriting is a bit messy. 😅


To-Do Lists help us spend our time in the best way.

Lightsabers, invisibility cloaks, and more in this introduction to photonics.

Nanotechnology in a nutshell.

“It’s a small world after all…” — Walt Disney

It’s a small world concept art by Mary Blair. 😍 (Credit: The Walt Disney Company).

Your eyes can’t see the nanoscale. 👀

NASA’s plan to use mycelia from fungi to grow moon habitats.

(Credit: NASA)

The longevity finding that came from a C. elegans aging study.

C. elegans (Credit: New Atlas)

An introduction to space exploration and technology.

Apollo 11 — July 16, 1969 (Credit: NASA)

How whales can help halt climate change and how we can protect them using technology.

Nature’s solution to climate change lies in whales.

(Credit: Andrew Bain)

Whales can help halt or reverse the effects of global warming.

  • GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions continue to rise

Adara Hagman

18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

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