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Changing the way we take pills, have surgery, and much more.

In September 2018, a container of marshmallows exploded and the glass cut both my legs.

Yep. It may sound hilarious. A container of marshmallows.

Not this kind of marshmallow 🤣

At my house we store marshmallows in airtight glass containers so they don’t get stale, because no one wants stale marshmallows.

I was walking the marshmallow container back to the cabinet it was normally in (unfortunately I can’t make things fly back to their cabinets with a bci yet… but one day), after roasting marshmallows outside with my family and the container exploded 💥


It was pretty weird, as I’m sure you can imagine. Who stores there marshmallows in a glass container? Just kidding, we’re done with the marshmallows now. The real question is: since when do containers randomly explode?

Good question. I have no idea what happened, and I didn’t freak out when it exploded at first. I was just really confused and maybe… also in shock.

Okay maybe more in shock. I looked down from the broken container and both my legs were covered in blood.

At the time, we thought it would be best just to patch the cuts up at home and not go to the hospital. Which I would not recommend at all. Bad decision on my part, but huge shoutout to my parents for helping me out + my little sister for the moral support 💓

Due to my bad decision, one of my cuts got infected and now there’s a big scar. I had to take antibiotics and honestly going on medication was not fun.

  1. I had no idea what was in the antibiotics, it’s really hard to read the package and I don’t know what 90% of the ingredients do.
  2. They’re just no fun — especially if like me you struggle swallowing pills (which many of my friends make fun of me for).
See the writing is way tooo small.

I’m a really curious person and what do curious people do? They question the way things are currently done and research just about everything.

And that’s what I did with medication.

One piece of information I learned is:

7 in 10 Americans take some sort of prescription drug on the daily.

(Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center).

That’s just in the U.S. alone and half of those 7 in 10 take two+ different prescriptions.

Too many pills, if you ask me. I think it’s time to make some longevity breakthroughs and lengthen health spam 😉

Many of these people, especially seniors struggle to read the small words on their prescriptions and have little to no idea what they’re consuming.

I became really interested in solving this problem and knew that in the digital age we live in now, we can do it in cool innovative ways that we simply couldn’t before.

How can we solve this problem?

With a cool exponential technology called: “Augmented reality” 😎

Over the past several months, I’ve been learning all about augmented reality and how to apply my knowledge of it to create my own projects.

I’m passionate about using my knowledge on exponential tech to solve BIG problems, and this was something I really wanted to work on.

How does MedicAR work?

The beta version of MedicAR is very similar to my first AR app LibraryAR 📘

At the moment, it recognizes medications that are in the connected cloud database and displays a panel matching the description on the bottle. These words would appear larger, making them easier to read 🔎

Additionally, users would be able to use the virtual button integration to select the ingredient they would like to know more about and be brought to a page that explains it in depth.

The Future of MedicAR

Currently, this application is a combination of image targets and virtual buttons.

I would like to see augmented reality transform the medical industry in many different aspects from surgery to education + training, to medical AR interfaces in headsets for first responders.

What surgery will look like in 10 years 🚀


  • AR will transform the medical industry.
  • Applications like MedicAR can help give medication users more clarity into what they’re consuming + make the medication taking process easier by making medication instructions easier to read.
  • Bonus: Maybe don’t store marshmallows in airtight glass containers. 🤷

Back when I had to take antibiotics using an application like, MedicAR would have been more efficient and clarifying. As we continue to augment the future I know that AR will play a major role in our medical industry and will disrupt it in a way that only the people who are creating the AR applications of the future know.

The people who develop augmented reality are the ones who decide how it will fit into our future.

This is our future and I’m excited for it.

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Thanks for reading! Now go change the world! ❤

18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

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