It All Started With Star Stuff 🚀

An introduction to space exploration and technology.

Adara Hagman


Five… Four… Three… Two… One…


And lift off!

Apollo 11 — July 16, 1969 (Credit: NASA)

The space race to get to the Moon kicked off a future with space exploration and brought awe to humans around the world.

Humans are curious beings. We want to understand the unknown and something many of us are curious about is space a.k.a. the final frontier. 😉

Many of us grew up fascinated by the night sky and wondered what might lie beyond it.

The idea of exploring the unknown and landing on the moon brought back that child-like wonder.

And it all began with a moonshot. 🚀

When US President John F. Kennedy said “We choose to go to the moon” in his 1962 speech at Rice University, he set a moonshot goal for America and the world.

A moonshot goal is one that is not yet attainable. It is a goal 10x of what is currently possible.

Setting attainable goals is great for making you work hard, but moonshot goals help shift people’s thinking and create what was thought not to be possible before. 😎

The greatest disruptions in history came from moonshot goals like going to the moon.

Landing on the moon in 1969 proved that it was possible to achieve seemingly impossible feats and showed the amazing potential of humans can achieve when we collaborate for something bigger than ourselves.

You wouldn’t be reading this without space exploration.

The technologies we created for space exploration, the knowledge we gained from them, and the research in space brought about many of the innovations that impact our daily lives.

You probably would not be reading this without space exploration because the first-ever portable computer was made from an adaptation of the GRiD Compass, which was created for space travel. 🤯

Ever gotten a CAT scan or taken a picture with a phone camera?

Wearing some Nike trainers right now?