Manipulating Light — Meet Photonics

Lightsabers, invisibility cloaks, and more in this introduction to photonics.

A mini-me and my sister at Olivander’s Wand Shop @ Universal Studios.

Growing up, I LOVED reading and watching the Harry Potter series.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 💫

So wicked! 😎

Photonics is the field of technology related to the properties, transmission, and manipulation of photons. 🔦

The photon. 😍 (Credit: ZME Science)
Partial invisibility cloak photonics. 🤯

Traveling in waves and other light fundamentals. 〰

The 🔑 fundamentals of light:

#throwback diagram (Credit: Britannica)

Light has a dual nature. 👯‍♂️

How to measure light.

Light can be manipulated with different mediums and techniques.

Photonics applications that have the potential to disrupt the way we live:

Medical Applications

(Credit: Photonics Online)

Agriculture Applications 🍅

(Credit: B1M)

Improving Computing

(Credit: Extreme Tech)

Space Exploration 🚀

(Credit: Optics & Photonics News)

Visibility 😉

An invisibility cloak printed on a photonic chip. (Credit: Nature)

Lightsabers 🤔

🔑 Takeaways:

Resources for future photonics disruptors. 💻

The future is full of light! ⚡

It helps prove that magic is real and it’s all around us in the technologies we’ve created!

Me: In 2040 👀

Next up in the Manipulating Light series:

18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

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