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She’s Hungry for Change

Key Takeaways from The She’s Hungry International Women’s Day Breakfast 2019

Adara Hagman
7 min readApr 6, 2019


Picture this:

30+ of Toronto’s boss ladies gathered around We Work, Richmond Street’s gorgeous co-working space enjoying vegan yoghurt parfaits & kombucha, networking, and raising money for Dress for Success.

Sounds like a great time, right?

And it was!

(Credit: Dress for Success)

Dress for Success is a global charitable organization with aims to empower women to achieve economic independence. They have chapters all over the world and Toronto has its very own!

This International Women’s Day, Yes! Toronto Executives (the millenial board of Dress for Success) organized and ran the: She’s Hungry for More Gender-Balanced World and Breakfast event.

Credit: Yes! Toronto Executives

I heard about this awesome event through a Slack channel on our TKS (The Knowledge Society) Slack called #bossladies.

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is North America’s top youth innovation program & human accelerator for youth aged 13–17. In the program, student innovators like myself learn about emerging technologies and how to apply them to big issues to solve the world’s biggest problems. While learning about these incredible technologies, we learn about ourselves and the world (in year one of the program). We also work on developing the skills, mindset, knowledge, and network we need to help us on our journeys.

In the program, there’s around 50+ female innovators and on the #bossladies channel we empower each other and have conversations about gender equality in the tech industry/stem fields & what it’s like to be a girl in 2019.

Jennifer Brown (head of partnerships at TKS) offered the amazing opportunity to attend the women’s day networking breakfast and I knew I had to attend. A huge thank you to Jen for helping to organize the event, as part of the Yes! Executives team and for…



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