9 Highlights From 19 Years On Earth

Reflections on my nineteenth trip around the Sun. 🛸

Adara Hagman


I’ve traveled around the Sun nineteen times on Spaceship Earth.

This time last year, I wrote 18+ Lessons From 18 Years On Earth — a reflection on my eighteenth trip around the Sun.

When reflecting on life lately, there were several themes and highlights that kept popping up.

Endings: of my time in TKS, Watson Institute, and high school.

Beginnings: of many relationships and my journey into the future of fashion-verse.

I realized that after May, I dropped-the-ball on my monthly updates.

This year’s reflection also acts as an annual update on where I have been focusing my energy.

Here are 9 highlights from my 19th trip around the Sun:

1. Developing a stronger connection to waterways @ Ocean Wise.

I used to think that because I don’t live near the ocean, there isn’t much I can do to help with marine conservation unless I moved closer to one.

My experience with Ocean Wise taught me that marine conservation is far more than direct ocean action.

Protecting our oceans means protecting freshwater like the Great Lakes in Ontario.

It means protecting the land.

It means protecting people.

I learned how interconnected the environment and world is.

In May, I became an Ocean Wise Ocean Bridge Ambassador for the Great Lakes region.

My favourite parts of being an Ambassador are:

  • Monthly National Dialogues on conservation-related topics like plastics + citizen science.
  • Access to resources + support. Thank you Ocean Wise for lending me a sewing machine, camera, and iPad! ❤
  • Incredible learning opportunities like delegating at the 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress and learning journeys.

In August, I went on the Great Lakes Learning Journey with my fellow Great Lake Ambassadors.